We are having the 12 A & 80 G facilities. We request you to assist us generously, so that we can continue to do more service to the poor and needy people without any hindrance. The main means of financial support is from philanthropic donors and organizations. The Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Fund is providing matching grant to the tune of around Rs.1,50,000 per annum.


  • Annual Expenditure of Hospital  Rs.3,00,000

  • Compound wall around the hospital Rs.2,00,000

  • Medical camps 6 in a year Rs.60,000

  • 10 Bedded in-patient ward -   Rs. 20,00,000

  • Construction of a house  -   Rs.50,000

  • Clothing (One pair each) -   Rs.30,000

  • MCR Chappals (One pair each)- Rs.20,000

  • Medicines for one month-   Rs.5,000

  • One day feeding - Rs.2,000(On any day of your  choice i.e., a Tithi/Date)

  • Half-a-day feeding -Rs.1,000 (On any day of your  choice i.e., a Tithi/Date)

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1/2 day feeding  Rs. 1000/- One day feeding Rs. 2000/-  

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