Our Infrastructure

In the beginning the inmates used to live in thatched huts. In 1983 the A.P. State government has got 50 houses constructed under the RLEGP scheme. After 20 years when those houses were getting dilapidated the then state government has sanctioned 40 houses under the Indira Awas Yojana scheme and got them constructed immediately in 2002-03. Presently, 120 people are getting assistance from the Kendram. Among them 100 are inmates and the other are outsiders. Among the inmates 80 of them are patients and the remaining 20 are their dependent children.

The Kendram is having a qualified medical officer who is a retired civil surgeon. The inmates are being provided with all the necessary medical services, food, clothing and residence. Agricultural land of around 3 Acres is allotted for agricultural purpose so that every able-bodied individual has the satisfaction that they are also contributing to the welfare of the inmates by generating some income.

A community hall in the memory of Sri Gopalrao Thakur and Surya mandiram (Sun temple) were constructed in 1996-97 to conduct cultural, philosophical and spiritual activities. Gosala is being maintained with 12 cows so that the inmates can worship Mother Cow in accordance with the Hindu belief that leprosy will never afflict a cow worshipper in their future lives.